Whether it’s financial data, trade secrets, or employee social security numbers, data is at the foundation of most businesses – making it essential to keep your business data safe. 

When it comes to recycling or repurposing old technological assets, you need to ensure that the existing data is properly destroyed. At NCS Global, we understand that your organization’s data has significant value. 

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to data destruction, we customize our approach to each organization’s specific needs. Keep reading to learn more about each of our effective data destruction processes and how they ensure data security. 

Digital Erasure 

EcoErase, our proprietary erasure software, guarantees that your digital assets will be erased completely. Our EcoErase software is NIST and DOD certified and can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of each digital asset. 

Our software is highly customizable, so your organization can be sure that the data erasure will pass your security requirements. With this software, the digital erasure process is automated, which means that data is wiped and the assets are tested with maximum security and efficiency. 

Digital erasure maintains the physical integrity of the asset, which means that it can be repaired or responsibly recycled. 


Another safe method of data destruction is degaussing. The degaussing process removes all data from digital devices by exposing the digital asset to a high-energy magnet. 

The magnetic exposure completely removes all data from the digital asset, which makes all data and media stored on the device useless. This efficient process guarantees that all data is wiped quickly and effectively. 

Physical Destruction

Physical destruction is another reliable method of data destruction. Physical destruction ensures that the data stored on the asset is not recoverable because the asset is not usable. During physical destruction, we employ a high-pressure shredder to destroy hard drives and other digital assets. 

This data destruction process is highly effective independently, but it can also accompany digital erasure, so your organization can be confident that your data is fully destroyed. 

Complete Data Security 

At NCS Global, we understand that your organization’s data is of the utmost importance. Our data destruction methods combine 100 percent data security with environmentally conscious practices so that you can be certain that your data is secure and your assets are responsibly recycled. 

We believe that secure data destruction should be safe and convenient, so we guide our clients through a customized process. Both digital and physical data destruction procedures can be deployed on-site or at NCS. Plus, we connect each client with a customer service representative to answer all your questions and keep you updated with every step of the process. 

At NCS Global, we pride ourselves on partnering with clients to deliver data destruction solutions they can trust. Are you ready to learn more about our secure data destruction services? Contact one of our experts today.

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