Data-security is no longer a buzz-phrase, it is a daily, foundational concern. At NCS Global, meeting your demand for effective, compliant, and secure data destruction is our mission. That is why we continually invest in our proprietary EcoErase software and data destruction processes – ensuring your data remains out of unwanted hands.

100% Certified Destruction of Your Data

NCS offers a customizable data destruction process to meet your desired security results. No matter which of our services you choose, you can expect nothing but reliable data destruction and operational excellence.

Data Destruction Processes:

Digital Erasure

EcoErase, our proprietary erasure software, is NIST and DOD certified and can be scaled up or down based on your data sanitization needs.


The degaussing process completely removes all data through high energy magnetic exposure, rendering all media on the asset useless.

Physical Destruction

Hard drives are destroyed using a high pressure shedder that can be deployed at NCS or onsite depending on your security needs.

EcoErase: Gold Standard Erasure Software

EcoErase is a proprietary drive wiping software that automates erasure and testing for HDD’s and SSD’s. The software’s deployment flexibility and ability to scale as customer’s data security needs grow is what sets EcoErase apart from other wiping software.

Customizable wipe passes to meet security specifications
Independently certified to meet NIST and DoD security standards

Take Control of Your Data Destruction

Our EcoErase software is now available to be deployed at your site. Take full control over your data destruction by creating a prescriptive erasure process, customized to meet your security and business needs.

Set Up Options:
Onsite network through a dedicated server
Hybrid cloud solution for remote data erasure