When you choose to partner with NCS, you will experience the operational capabilities of a large, multinational company, and the customer service excellence of a boutique firm. Our commitment and attention to detail does not waiver, no matter the complexity or scale of the individual project.

Individualized, Best-In-Class Service on Every Project

You are immediately connected with a dedicated customer service representative who will manage your entire project from start to finish. That representative will be paired with you as long as you remain an NCS partner.

Dedicated customer service rep
Direct line to NCS Global CEO

Technology Enabled Security, Protecting Your Assets in Transit

NCS’ implemented safeguards ensure your assets and data remain secure as they travel from your loading dock to ours.

Assets shipped in locked, securely-sealed trucks
Real-time asset tracking using GPS tracking and geofencing

Maximizing Value Through Prescriptive Auditing

NCS’ core tenets of efficiency, transparency, integrity, and honesty are highlighted during the audit stage. We capture general information about each asset and meticulously document our findings.

100% of assets are audited
An electronic record of each client asset is made available at settlement

Outstanding Attention to Detail, Guaranteeing Market Leading Returns

The testing process is where NCS Global helps its clients capture the unrealized value of their old or obsolete equipment by determining the monetary recovery value for each item.

Detailed summary of exact specs and functionality of each asset
Impeccable asset value classification

Eradicating Risk Through Proprietary Processes

Our data erasure process uses a proprietary overwrite software, EcoErase™, which tests each drive and fingerprints it with sanitation verification, date, and time stamp confirmations.

Proprietary software developed by NCS and our partners
DOD and NIST Certified Wiping Processes

Achieving Your Sustainability Goals with Responsible Recycling

Once all e-waste has been recorded, NCS works with its certified downstream recycling partners to guarantee that each asset is reduced down to its component materials and recycled responsibly.

> 1,000 Tons of equipment recycled annually
> 2,000 Tons of carbon kept out of the atmosphere because of recycling

Finally, a partnership built on trust, transparency, and accountability

Assets can be tracked through a dedicated, on-line customer portal and are serialized in a settlement report made available when a job is completed, along with a certificate of data destruction for each asset.

30–Day settlement turnaround
Certificate of data destruction for each individual asset