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For nearly 30 years, we’ve proudly served a wide variety of clients, ranging from technology manufacturers and institutions of higher learning to data centers and healthcare organizations. Each industry is different and requires a unique approach to maximizing value in IT services, so we never take a one-size-fits-all approach.

For one of our clients in the healthcare sphere, a global leader in medical devices and innovative therapies, we customized our efforts to fit their exact specifications and achieved optimal results for them. Let’s discuss what work we did and what benefits they enjoyed.

The Project

Our client approached us interested in learning more about ways to reduce their carbon footprint, while increasing their bottom line. They had 284 notebooks and 253 keyboards, totaling 1,524 Ibs in weight, that were nearing the end of their useful lifespans and they wanted to make the most of their significant investment in this technology. While many companies would accept this sunken cost and call it a day, our client knew there was additional value to extract from these devices, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of disposing of them.

We unlocked the power of our client’s aging IT equipment through our proprietary Lifecycle Management Services (LMS) process, which has delivered excellent results for our clients for decades. On average, LMS extends the useful lifespan of assets by two to three years, and helps businesses save up to 30 percent on their IT-related costs. We also utilize a zero-landfill approach which helps businesses substantially reduce their waste output and all related emissions. To ensure the optimal results for our clients, we tweaked our LMS process to emphasize their unique company-wide goals and environmental objectives.

The Results

There’s great value to be gained from reusing, repairing, and recycling technological assets, such as desktop computers, laptops, and hard drives. For our client, this value presented as:

• Achieved $123,720 in savings

• 100 percent of all units were reused or resold

• A reduction of 16,535.52 Ibs of GHG emissions

• A reduction of 462.73 Ibs of CO emissions

Instead of disposing of their aging electronics and harming the environment, as well as their bottom line, we helped our client company achieve savings and reduce their carbon footprint. Our meticulous, highly secure process of repairing, reusing, reselling, and/or recycling products has been optimized for efficiency and our culture of continuous improvement ensures that each of our clients receives the world-class service they deserve. Many people will tell you that emphasizing sustainability is expensive and won’t deliver any concrete benefits for your business, our extensive track record of positive results begs to differ. Sometimes, it costs more to ignore the environment than to make investments in it.

Get Started

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