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This is a special time for the team at NCS Global, as we’re celebrating our company’s 28th anniversary! Since our founding, our highly skilled team has made tremendous strides in building our organization, achieving our sustainability goals, and finding new, better ways to provide our customers with the IT solutions they need to succeed, year after year.

We asked a few of our key leaders to share some reflections on what NCS 28 means to them.

Joe McKenna, Production Manager

Joe McKenna is known for his leadership skills and willingness to help other team members succeed. His positive attitude inspires all of us on a daily basis, and we’re blessed to work alongside him. “I’ve been with the company for more than seven years and during my time here, I’ve gotten to interview prospective employees and help build our dream team,” Joe said. “As we continue to grow, I’m excited to take on a bigger role and provide our amazing customers with increased value from our ever-expanding product offerings, including tech refurbishment and secure data destruction.”

Charlotte Webb, Manager – ARS and Partners

Charlotte Webb’s impact on NCS Global is even greater than you’d expect for someone who’s only been with the company for a few years. Her optimistic attitude and drive to deliver value to our customers through cutting-edge solutions make her a tremendous asset to our organization. “My proudest achievement is preparing for the NAID audit,” Charlotte said. “Despite it being my first audit, the team pulled together and we achieved full certification. I’m excited to be part of the continued growth of our company for years to come.”

Scott Stevens, Executive Vice President

Scott Stevens, an NCS veteran of 21 years, is the rock of our business development team. Through the years, he’s powered our efforts to enter new markets, and improve customer satisfaction through cutting-edge ITAD and reverse solutions designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. “I was first attracted to the company by its integrity, transparency, and commitment to its clients and employees,” Scott said. “It feels like we’re just getting started with this company’s potential to keep growing and keep adding value to businesses across the globe. I’m excited about our shared future.”

Anne McKivergan, Manager – IT and IS

For nearly 16 years, Anne McKivergan has utilized her diverse work history and skill set to provide our customers with the high-tech solutions and top-notch support they deserve. “I’m passionate about making a difference for the planet, and I love being part of a company that prioritizes sustainability and emissions reduction,” Anne said. “My proudest achievement is helping NCS Global become one of the first companies certified to the E-Stewards standards. I’m looking forward to achieving bigger, better things with my team and growing our organization for years to come.”

Thank You For Your Support

Our success wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of each member of our business, as well as the continued support of our valued customers and partners. Thank you for the last 28 years, and here’s to the next 28!

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