Your company’s success depends on accessing top-quality IT solutions built around your needs. That’s precisely what we offer here at NCS Global. 

Whether you need help recycling your tech assets and securely destroying data or completing repairs and minimizing your impact on the environment, we’ve got you covered with our asset recovery program

A Winning Process From A to Z

People often view older technological devices as worthless hunks of junk. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as there is tremendous value in reusing devices or selling salvageable components. Instead of viewing devices that have reached the ends of their lifespans as a loss, start thinking of them as hidden gold mines that can go directly back to your bottom line. 

Our experts will complete a comprehensive audit of your assets, determining what devices can be repaired or reused and which can be sold for parts or raw materials. With meticulous care, we document details regarding each of your devices during the audit stage. 

Experts use our DOD and NIST-certified erasure software EcoErase™ to ensure 100 percent data security. Our sanitation verification report will also provide you with peace of mind. 

Upon completion of the audit, we’ll send you an electronic record that breaks down each asset’s specifications, functionality, and monetary value. Our team will tend to any items that can be repaired and reused, extending the useful lifespan of your assets by an average of two years. 

For any items beyond repair, we’ll work with our certified downstream recycling partners to guarantee that each item is reduced to its component materials and recycled responsibly via our zero-landfill process. We recycle more than 1,000 tons of electronic equipment each year and keep 2,000 tons of carbon out of the atmosphere. 

Throughout the asset recovery process, your business will be able to track the status of your items through our online customer portal. We’ll provide you with a complete report of all processed items once our team of IT professionals completes each step. 

We offer a 30-day turnaround time for all shipments, which means in just one month, a significant value that otherwise would have been lost will boost your company’s balance sheet. We help our customers save 20 percent on their IT-related costs. 

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