Data security and protection should be your number one concern when it’s time to terminate your IT assets. 

Even with our team of IT experts at your service, sometimes it’s better to throw in the towel when trying to refurbish your technological assets. When IT is too outdated, it can cost more to fix than invest in new equipment. 

Here is our approach to infallible data security in the disposal process. 

Data Destruction & EcoErase

When you are going through the process of purchasing new technology, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the safety of your company data. Well, worry no more! Introducing our proprietary software, EcoErase.

At NCS Global, we aim to meet your demand for effective, compliant, and secure data destruction. EcoErase offers 100% certified destruction of your data and a customized process to meet your need for safe results.

The EcoErase process begins with the complete digital erasure of all the data. The software is NIST and DOD certified and can be scaled up or down based on your data sanitization needs.

Then, the IT asset goes through the degaussing phase, which uses high-energy magnetic exposure that renders all media on the asset useless.

Finally, the hard drives are shredded and physically destroyed. Our high-pressure shredding machines can be deployed at our facility or brought on-site, depending on your security needs.

Protecting company data is critical for your business and employees’ safety. With NCS Global, you can relax knowing your sensitive data is secure throughout the entire process, from reception to destruction. 

Recycling IT Assets

After all the data-bearing components are extracted and destroyed, we are left with many other materials from outdated technology. Instead of contributing to the 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste created yearly, we are committed to 0% landfill use for our IT assets.

We separate each component of every asset and sort it by material for proper recycling. This process contributes to a more sustainable future and helps reduce your business’s and ours’ carbon footprint. 

Did you know that many materials required for making technology are toxic or hazardous to humans? These materials must be disposed of carefully to ensure public health and safety. We take our environmental efforts very seriously at NCS Global and guarantee the safe destruction and disposal of all data and the hazardous materials that come along with it.

Data Destruction at NCS Global

Reliable data security is essential in this digital age; no asset should be overlooked. Contact our team at NCS Global today to receive a quote for our EcoErase process or to learn more about our ITAD services.

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