By NCS Global

No matter where you are in the world, NCS Global is ready to help you securely dispose of your technology assets – and the sensitive data they contain.

We use a technology chain of custody that you can trust with your data. Currently, we have partnerships with 29 countries worldwide, allowing us to offer true world-class service in recovery, recycling, and data destruction.

Our three-step process ensures the utmost security of your sensitive data. Let’s discuss each step, as well as the many security measures we’ve put in place to keep your data safe and sound.

Step #1: Pickup

The pickup and transportation of old technology can be intimidating due to the unknowns of both international and domestic shipping. We maintain rigorous standards to ensure security and care in transit.

•Background checks for every employee on the transportation team

•Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and Signed Bill of Lading (BOL)

•Automatic locks

•Tamper-evident seal

•GPS web tracking


Step #2: Processing

With transportation complete, custody of your technology turns to our processing team to begin the data destruction and technology recycling process. While housed within our facility, your technology is protected through 24/7 surveillance and many other high level security measures:

•Inspection of tamper-evident seal from transportation

•Assets weighed and photographed

•General information removal

•Itemized reports

•24/7 video surveillance

Step #3: Data Destruction

Following the inspection of technology received at our facility, the data destruction processes can begin. For every piece of technology, data is destroyed in three ways – data sanitation, degaussing, and physical destruction – all of which are held to detailed standards set by HIPAA and the SEC.

•Independently verified for code compliance and data sanitation

•NIST 800-88r1, DOD 5220.22-M, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant

•Detailed reporting and certificate of destruction

Superior Security From Start to Finish

Security measures for your technology do not stop at SEC and HIPAA standards – our NCS Global employees are meticulously trained and monitored for an extraordinary level of physical security within our facility.

•Employee Requirements: Periodic background Checks, drug testing

•Physical Security: Security cameras, badge access, 24/7 monitoring, motion and perimeter sensors

•Electronic Security: Multiple firewalls, role-based access, password protection

Parts for your technology are sourced via extensive research and more than 400 resale channels to ensure your assets stay up and running for longer. Specialists in the field oversee maintenance of usable parts from data-wiped technology. Overall expertise in recycled technology helps us to commit to our measures for sustainability.

Why Choose NCS Global

At NCS Global, we work tirelessly to create a safe and secure chain of custody for your technology, creating a strong partnership that you can trust. Data security is a growing concern in the online world, and one of our goals is to ease the stress associated with technology upgrades and data destruction. Contact us today to learn more about NCS Global, and find out what we can do for you.

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