As September rolls in, so does a special week that holds immense significance for us at NCS Global – National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. From September 10 to September 16, 2023, we celebrate and thank the dedicated truck drivers who keep our economy moving forward. 

This year, we’re proud to highlight three exceptional NCS family members who embody this important week’s spirit: David Allen, Ryan Graeme, and Clay Daniels.

David Allen: The Backbone of Long Hauls and Beyond

David Allen, affectionately known as Dave, has been a pivotal part of NCS Global since January 2018. With his unwavering dedication and commitment, he has become our primary driver and the go-to person for handling long-distance and shorter-distance jobs. Dave’s work ethic is nothing short of remarkable.

One colleague aptly described Dave by saying, “Dave is a very hard worker; I mean, the man goes nonstop until the job is done.” That’s the kind of dedication that defines a true professional in the trucking industry. Another team member shared, “David is always prepared and professional. It’s always a pleasure working with him.” 

Clay Daniels: The Versatile Newcomer With a Heart of Gold

Joining the NCS Global family in May 2022, Clay Daniels has quickly proven himself to be a valuable asset. Although he primarily works in sales and accounting, his willingness to step into the driver’s seat when needed demonstrates his dedication to the team’s success.

Colleagues admire Clay’s pleasant demeanor and professionalism when interacting with customers on-site. His comfort and skill behind the wheel make him a reliable backup driver whenever needed. In the words of one team member, “Clay is delightful to work with. He’s kind, professional with customers on-site, and very comfortable and skillful with driving the truck..”

Ryan Graeme: The Friendly Road Warrior

Since September 2022, Ryan Graeme has been an integral part of our team, primarily driving locally in the seacoast area and assisting with audit processing and new equipment when not on the road. His friendly and prepared nature has made him a favorite among colleagues and customers.

One of Ryan’s colleagues fondly describes him: “Ryan is such a friendly, prepared, and helpful guy– it’s always a pleasure to go out on the road with him!” Ryan’s positive attitude and dedication to his work have earned him a special place in the hearts of everyone at NCS Global.

Honoring Important Members of Our Team 

As we honor our heroes of the highway, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication of all truck drivers across the nation. Without them, the wheels of our economy would come to a grinding halt. Thank you to all the truck drivers who keep America moving forward, and a special thank you to Dave, Clay, and Ryan for representing NCS Global with distinction and pride. We celebrate you not just this week but every day.

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