NCS accelerates their growth with an exciting M&A as they build a leading IT hardware services firm

Dec 12, 2023 (ROCHESTER, NH) NCS Global, a leading global provider of IT hardware services and IT asset disposition services, announces its acquisition of Sturgeon Technologies

Sturgeon, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, offers extensive services, including IT asset management, value recovery, and data disposal. Sturgeon currently processes 25,000 devices per month in and out of their GA and CA facilities serving a customer base of over 150 clients (5 fortune 500 customers). The acquisition of Sturgeon has expanded NCS Global’s geographic footprint across the United States to the Southeast and northern California, combining with legacy locations in New England and southern California.

“We are thrilled to add the team and facilities of Sturgeon to our already-strong teams in New Hampshire and California,” said NCS Global executive Ross Porter. “We have tremendous capacity to serve new and existing clients in a broad range of industries beyond our traditional strongholds of data center operators, financial services, education, and healthcare.”

“Joining NCS is the right move for us both from a services standpoint and culturally,” added Sturgeon founder Rachel Glaser Condon. “IT asset disposition companies should believe in their own practices enough to hold themselves accountable to the highest operational and sustainability standards, and we’ve found an acquiring partner who shares our values in leading our industry forward.”

For more information about NCS Global and its suite of IT asset disposition services, visit and view our two-pager.

About NCS Global

With offices in New Hampshire, Georgia, and northern and southern California, NCS Global is a leader in all aspects of IT hardware services, including asset recovery, asset management, and hardware disposition, serving clients in multiple industry sectors across nearly 30 countries. Our mission is to efficiently manage the services around the lifecycle of all IT hardware, focusing on data security and environmental sustainability while maximizing value for our clients.

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