At NCS Global Services, we provide companies, institutions, and data center operators with fully customized reverse logistics and ITAD solutions. We help our clients restore value to their businesses by repairing, recycling, or repurposing their IT assets while keeping our environmental impact in mind.

We recently worked with a global shipping provider to schedule and complete on-site drive shredding operations in multiple states on the same day. In a period of just 6 hours, we helped this company:

  • Wipe, destroy, and properly dispose of drives from 2 data centers via our winning data destruction process
  • Prevent 4,655.65 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Achieve 100 percent data security throughout the entire process

The NCS Difference

Our ambitious commitment to delivering economic value to our clients and our pledge to environmental stewardship set us apart from other ITAD vendors in the industry. Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients while meeting the highest standards set by our certification partners.

Unlike other ITAD organizations that glorify their periodic environmental initiatives, we embrace sustainability in every aspect of our services, integrating and prioritizing it within our day-to-day operations.

Remarkable Results

As a worldwide shipping provider, data security is paramount for this client. They came to us looking for a cost-effective solution for reliable data destruction of their assets in Mahwah, NJ, and Atlanta, GA.

We customized an on-site solution to ensure all their drives and racks were successfully wiped of their data and transported off-site for processing. Every NCS Global client can expect that data-bearing IT assets are wiped in compliance with DoD standards and tested for functionality. Any assets with no resale potential are recycled in compliance with e-Stewards and NAID standards.

This project occurred in both cities on the same day and was completed in six hours. In those six hours, we safely and compliantly wiped our client’s data and removed all drives and racks from the data centers.

The process guaranteed 100 percent of their data security and prevented 4,655.65 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions. We provide our clients with reliable data security, a cost-effective solution, and environmental impact reduction.

Our Credentials

NCS remains at the forefront of compliance and certifications across data security and the environment.

  1. Top One Percent EcoVadis Environmental Scorecard: NCS has achieved back-to-back platinum scores for Ecovadis’ sustainability rankings, which is in the top one percent of all companies.
  2. NAID & E-Stewards Certified: We are one of only a handful of service firms that’s NAID & e-Stewards certified, with the most rigorous data compliance standards and sustainable e-waste recycling.
  3. Client Retention Rate of 98 Percent Over Our 25-Year History: We pride ourselves on solving complex logistical issues for our clients and setting up valuable processes to support their IT infrastructure, resulting in long-lasting relationships.

Learn More

We have built trusted partnerships in over 29 countries, allowing us to serve our domestic and international customers. No matter the location, our trusted providers adhere to the same standards and requirements that our clients expect of us. To learn more about how we can serve your business with our ITAD solutions, contact us today for a quote.

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