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Since 1994, NCS Global has been committed to sustainability through customized IT technology recycling solutions and returning as much value to our clients as possible. One way that we make our goals into reality is through our Lifecycle Management Service to not only extend the useful life of our clients IT technology, but when that lifecycle is up, working to uncover the value hidden behind old technology.

Lifecycle Management increases the average lifespan of technology by 2-3 years, and saves up to 30% annually on expenses in the IT department. Our services flow within a web of options, tailor-made to meet the needs of each one of our clients. Services can range from replacing parts to complete data destruction and the breakdown of old technology into usable parts for others.

Helping an Academic Institution Accomplish Their Goals

A world-renowned academic institution looked to our organization for help in recycling old technology in a sustainable manner. We helped them to recycle 240.95 lbs of material throughout the process, preventing emissions and returning value.

•7,406 units processed equaling 240.95 lbs of technology material recycled

•195,178 lbs of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduced

•6,916 Ibs of Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions reduced

•$35,126.80 value returned to customer

In four months, our NCS Global team helped this institution to recycle their old technology, while returning an average value of $145.78 per pound of material to the organization. Each piece of technology was serialized, turned on, and factory reset in order to create usable technology that can be purchased and used by another organization that needs it.

Experience the NCS Difference

Technology recycling helps to keep toxic metals out of landfills and the environment while also providing immense value to other organizations, creating a sustainable loop. Our academic client is one of many examples we have in terms of recycling; others include large data centers and a Fortune 500 medical device company. Despite the scale of the organizations we partner with, we maintain a high level of care and tailor-made solutions to maximize returned value to our clients.

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