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For more than 30 years, we at NCS Global have provided technology recycling services and have proudly served a wide variety of clients in many different industries.

One of these many clients focuses on developing affordable housing, promoting small businesses, opening locations, and volunteering in areas of financial need. Let’s take a look at some of the results that we helped them to achieve.

The NCS Difference

Our approach to IT asset disposition differs from others in the field due to our commitment to environmental sustainability in technology management, as well as improving the clients bottom line and maximizing their financial return.

The safe reuse/recycling of technology on an individual client basis allows us to maintain our values of sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint as a whole, while maintaining top-notch data security and destruction for our clients. Aging IT assets keep value, and with our Lifecycle Management Service (LMS), we are able to extend the useful lifespan of your technology, and utilize a zero-landfill approach when the lifespan is up. Our process of repairing, reusing, and reselling used technology is optimized for not only our efficiency and clients world-class expectations, but to also do our part in maintaining a sustainable practice overall.

The Results

Through this company’s recycling of hard drives, servers, desktop computers, telephones, computer monitors, and more, our client was able to see vast improvements in their sustainability measures. The total reduced environmental impacts are as follows:

• 541.379 lbs of toxic metals were reduced

• 177,563.799 lbs of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduced

The choice of recycling old technology instead of disposing of it in a manner that would harm the planet allowed our client to not only experience the best possible financial return they could, but greatly decrease their overall carbon footprint. An emphasis on sustainability and environmentally conscious practices are not as time consuming or expensive as corporations would lead you to believe, and our data over the past three decades proves this. In tandem with reduced environmental impacts, our work for this client also led to these overarching benefits:

• 100% data security and compliance

• A maximization of value returned to the client

• Streamlined processes for both pickup of technology, as well as consistent reporting of results and data management

• A comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts that the recycling of unused technology can have

Learn More

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of working with our team, follow the link: Get a Quote One of our expert representatives will be in touch with you regarding our pricing and our next steps together. It’s time to experience the NCS Global Difference.

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