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IT asset recovery has become an essential practice for businesses and organizations in today’s digitally driven world. In healthcare, defense, and other industries, it is a legal requirement, with serious financial and reputational consequences for those who fail to comply. But in addition to being a fundamental part of a company’s information security strategy, the right IT asset recovery solution can increase bottom-line profitability and bolster an organization’s environmental sustainability metrics.

Asset recovery companies vary widely when it comes to experience, the range of asset recovery solutions they offer, and their commitment to service excellence. Look for a vendor that combines the operational capabilities of a large multinational company and the customer-focused philosophy of a boutique firm. Customers of NCS Global tell us that we deliver that ideal combination.  In fact, we have achieved a 98% customer retention rate over the past 20 years.

NCS Global’s Unique Approach to Asset Recovery

Here’s how NCS Global helps you deliver higher value to your stakeholders:

  • We offer individualized, best-in-class service on every project, with a dedicated customer service representative and direct access to our company’s CEO.
  • NCS Global follows gold-standard security protocols. We use real-time GPS tracking and geofencing, sealed trucks, video surveillance, thorough background checks, secure facilities, and more.
  • We provide meticulous documentation with 100% auditability, preserving a detailed electronic record of each client asset at settlement.
  • We maximize cost recovery with scrupulous attention to detail, helping our clients capture the unrealized value of their obsolete equipment.
  • NCS Global eradicates risk with our proprietary software and processes.

Founded in 1994, NCS Global has been a leader in the IT asset recovery business since its inception. We process over 5 million pounds of IT assets each year, offering complete test, audit, DoD compliant data destruction, customized reporting, asset value recovery and disposal services.

NCS Global’s certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NAID, and e-Stewards. We have been awarded a Platinum rating by EcoVadis, scoring us among the top 1% of companies for sustainability. NCS Global is also a Certified Microsoft Refurbisher.

Individualized Customer Service

Our strongest asset is our reputation. In fact, many of our customers say that NCS Global is one of the best companies they have ever worked with.  We’re tremendously proud of that, we make service excellence part of everything that we do.

At a time when many organizations are cutting back on the human element of their business, NCS Global is reaffirming its commitment to personal contact.  We assign a dedicated customer service representative to every client, so you’ll always know who to call whenever you have a question or concern.

Our customers also have a direct line to our CEO.  If we ever fall short of our customers’ expectations, the top executive in our organization wants to know about it. He’s only a phone call away.

95% of our clients rate NCS Global as “outstanding” or report that they are “very satisfied.” In our most recent customer service surveys, not a single one of our customers gave us a rating that was less than “satisfactory”.  Our goal is to win customers for the long term.  We work every day to achieve that, and our record proves it.

Security and Transparency in Asset Transit

When a client entrusts their IT assets to NCS Global, we maintain strict control of those items at all times. They’re transported to our facilities in sealed trucks, with automatic locks, tamper-evident seals, GPS tracking, and geofencing.

Upon arrival, seals are inspected for any signs of unauthorized access, then assets are weighed and photographed for documentation purposes. Next, we destroy all information stored on the devices to protect sensitive data. The processing facilities themselves are highly secure, featuring 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance to prevent any security breaches.

NCS Global meticulously documents every step of the process, ensuring that our clients have complete visibility, auditability, and confidence.

Maximizing Asset Recovery Value

When your IT assets are not functioning properly, or when they have outlived their usefulness to your organization, our IT asset recovery services help you maximize their value.

Our experts will analyze your assets, provide a detailed report of their findings, and communicate the exact steps needed to maximize the value to your business. Very often, IT assets can be refurbished or repaired, then returned to use. Even in cases where an asset can’t be recovered, its valuable parts may be harvested and reused, while any non-salvageable materials can be recycled.

Even if your IT assets can no longer benefit your business, you can often resell them to other people or organizations that can benefit from them. Asset recovery returns value to your business through the sale of unneeded equipment.

Data Security and Compliance

NCS Global offers custom-tailored data destruction services designed to meet your standards. We offer a range of data destruction options, including degaussing, physical destruction of hard drives using high-pressure shredders, or digital erasure.

EcoErase is our proprietary digital erasure software, designed to meet the highest standards for information security.  It has been independently certified to meet NIST and DoD specifications.  It stands apart from competitive offerings because of its deployment flexibility and ability to scale.

NCS offers data destruction on-site, off-site, or for hybrid cloud environments where remote erasure is required.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

Businesses are paying greater attention than ever before to sustainability. As common standards begin to emerge for managing and reporting sustainability metrics, that trend will undoubtedly continue.

At NCS Global, we have been mindful of the environmental impact of IT asset recovery for decades. Up to 30% of the assets we receive from clients are repaired and placed back into service.  Collectively, that has a huge impact. 

Every time we repurpose a server, for example, we prevent another 42 pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere, and one pound of hazardous materials is diverted from a landfill. We have been committed to sustainability from the very beginning, helping our clients improve their impact on the world in the process.

Global Reach and Partner Network

NCS Global delivers the service excellence you would expect from a company of global scale with a tailored service offering with a local touch.  Yet we have the expansive reach and scalable capacity of a large global enterprise. With the help of our extensive partner network of partners, NCS Global delivers IT asset recovery services in 29 countries​​ around the world.

We require every one of our partners to adhere to the same standards and requirements that our clients expect of us. No matter the location, our customers will always interact directly with us and always experience hassle-free, consistent and fully compliant services.


We know that our clients can choose to do business with any number of asset recovery companies.  At NCS Global, we strive to be the kind of company that customers rave about.  We live by our commitment to service excellence, value maximization, outstanding professionalism and sustainability.  Want to learn more?  Contact NCS Global to discuss your needs.

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