Companies leverage IT asset disposition to safely refurbish or dispose of technology with environmental consciousness in mind. Here’s how you can do it!

Setting sustainability goals for your business is more important than ever for fostering the growing population of eco-friendly consumers. With IT asset disposition (ITAD), you decide how and where to dispose of your IT assets, helping to achieve your organization’s goals. 

At NCS Global, we help businesses assess the integrity and usability of their aging assets, complete any necessary repairs to get assets back in working order, or responsibly recycle IT assets.

IT Asset Assessment

If you’re interested in ITAD services for your business, look no further. NCS Global specializes in ITAD and Asset Recovery, and we are trusted by many companies worldwide.

The first step of the ITAD process is an assessment to understand the value of your IT assets. We can coordinate the pickup of your assets, or you can ship them to us through a trusted carrier. 

After we receive your equipment, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of each asset and document our findings. We use this information to construct an honest and transparent audit of each asset that defines its value and explains all functionalities.

Using the asset reports to understand the value of your items will help us decide the next step of the process that will maximize the return for your business and work toward your goal of sustainability. 

Recycling Assets

Frequently, choosing to recover the monetary value of assets and recycling the remainder of materials is the best route for our clients. Fortunately, NCS Global promises 0% landfill recycling, which means no component of your IT asset will end up in the dump!

We hold ourselves to a high standard regarding our environmental stewardship and want what’s best for our clients and the planet. You can have peace of mind that your sensitive data will be completely secure throughout the entire disposal process and that you are reducing your carbon footprint with our ITAD services.

Refurbishing Assets

If your asset still holds a lot of potential, our IT experts will repair your equipment to restore value and add functionality to your business.

Extending the life of your technology is the number one way to reduce e-waste and achieve sustainability. Our team of highly experienced professionals is determined to discover that unrealized value for your business.

Once your assets are repaired, we will securely package and ship your equipment back to its location where it will better serve its purpose. 

ITAD at NCS Global

Customers and stakeholders love investing in companies that prioritize a sustainable future, which is why ITAD should be on your radar. To learn more about how we can help achieve your goals, contact our team today and receive a quote for our ITAD services.

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