IT asset recovery effectively upgrades your current technological assets without spending a fortune on brand-new equipment. 

To understand how asset recovery can return value to your business, you must first know what asset recovery is and its benefits. Our team at NCS Global can audit, service, and restore functionality to your assets, returning efficiency to your business operations.

What Is Asset Recovery?

Only some companies have an IT expert, which can make it challenging to understand the value their technology still holds. Our professionals can quickly analyze your assets, provide detailed reporting of their findings, and communicate the exact steps needed to maximize the value created for your business.

Often, IT assets can be recovered, serviced, and returned to use. When assets can not be recovered, the valuable parts are harvested and reused while the other materials are sorted and recycled correctly.

When clients decide to dispose of their unwanted data assets, we initiate our proprietary data erasure process, EcoErase™. This software will test and fingerprint each drive with sanitation verification, date, and time stamp confirmations. Our team at NCS Global developed this process, which has been certified by DOD and NIST.

The Value of Asset Recovery

Businesses depend on profit to function, which is why a company’s bottom line is critical. We all know that keeping up with the latest technology is essential, but with asset recovery, you can stay up-to-date without paying top dollar for equipment fresh off the assembly line.

Instead of giving up on your outdated technology, we can restore value to your business that you never even knew you had. Returning functionality, efficiency, and monetary value to your business will significantly help your bottom line.

Another significant aspect of our asset recovery services is that even if your IT assets can no longer benefit your business, you can still resell them to people who will benefit from them. Asset recovery returns value to your business through reuse or passing on unneeded equipment.

When your outdated technology has reached its inevitable end, it must be recycled carefully. Our services can save you from expensive disposal fees through our zero-landfill recycling process. At NCS Global, we are committed to a sustainable future and dispose of all unwanted assets in a responsible way. This can also save your company from unnecessary fines for illegal disposal processes. 

Partner With NCS

Start returning value to your bottom line today with our asset recovery solutions. If you have questions or need more information about our services, please contact our team today!

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