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The end of your technology’s usable life doesn’t have to mean the end of its value to your company. By repurposing technology, the NCS Global “Parts as a Service” program delivers substantial benefits to companies across the globe.

Let’s discuss how this program works, what benefits it offers, and how to start saving on your IT-related costs.

Preserving Value with “Parts as a Service”

Business innovation often requires investment in cutting-edge IT equipment to perform key tasks in the workplace. Companies invest billions of dollars annually to improve offerings and operations.

Along with that investment comes the need for businesses to dispose of countless IT assets that have reached the end of their useful lifespans. Once companies no longer derive value from their old technology, they also incur costs associated with proper equipment disposal.

NCS Global’s “Parts as a Service” program is here to recoup a significant portion of this lost value and help clients save big on IT-related costs. We employ a circular repurposing process that starts with our clients sending their end-of-life assets to us.

Our team of experts then completes a full audit of each item to determine if it can be repaired and reused, if it has parts to harvest and repurpose, or if it should be recycled via our zero-landfill program. We return any usable tech assets and parts to the client via same-day or rush shipping.

Exploring Benefits of Our “Parts as a Service” Program

There’s unrealized value in each IT asset, and we help our clients uncover that value. Here’s a breakdown of benefits businesses receive from utilizing our “Parts as a Service” program:

•Our clients achieve a 20 to 30 percent reduction in their IT-related costs, and a two-year extension on the useful life of their IT assets.

•Our proprietary data sanitization software guarantees 100 percent data security. Your most sensitive information is safe with our team.

•By reusing, repurposing, and recycling IT assets, our clients experience an immediate reduction in their carbon footprint, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and waste production.

•Clients receive maximum value by reducing supply chain complexity and extending the useful life of their IT assets through the component reuse process.

Get Started Today with NCS Global

In addition to our “Parts as a Service Program,” we offer a variety of other programs to help our clients succeed. These include digital, physical, and degaussing data sanitization solutions, prescriptive auditing, parts ordering, and more.

Are you ready to experience the NCS Global difference for yourself? Reach out today and get a quote.  
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