Technology will continue to evolve whether we like it or not. For businesses, this means their IT assets are bound to become outdated. Our lifecycle management services can help you make the best decisions regarding the performance of your technology, as well as appropriate maintenance and replacement strategies. 

How Can Lifecycle Management Benefit You?

Many technological assets have an unrealized value that could save your business money. If this is the case, we can refurbish your assets, restore value to your business, and extend the lifetime of your technology. If any of your IT assets are causing issues, we will gladly assess them and provide you with the most efficient options for recovery or replacement. Depending on the device, the lifecycle management process can result in warranty replacement, recycling, re-sale, or refurbishment of the asset.

The Lifecycle Management Process

To begin the process, the client will identify the IT assets that need work and service their requests to our team at NCS. We can process the shipment information or coordinate the pickup process for the client’s assets. After we receive the equipment, our team will assess the value recovery options for each asset and make a decision that’s in the client’s best interest. We will request an OEM replacement if the product is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. If the asset is not recoverable, it will be recycled appropriately. If an asset still holds value but is no longer valuable to our client, we can wipe all data, refurbish and resell to a verified third-party buyer. Otherwise, our IT experts will identify the issue, fix the part and place it in the client’s dedicated inventory for future use. Whether we refurbish the part or find a replacement, we will deliver it to the client via next-day air to ensure minimal downtime in their operations.

The Value We Offer

We can extend the useful life of your assets by 2-3 years and save up to 30 percent on your annual capital expenditures. NCS’s lifecycle management services help you achieve your operational optimization goals and maximize efficiency. We make the process as painless as possible for your convenience and satisfaction. With fast shipping, coordinated pickups, and asset security, you won’t have to stress over the safety of your equipment.

For companies with essential sustainability goals, we got you covered. We are committed to environmental sustainability and emissions reduction with every service we offer. For every repurposed data server, 42 lbs of carbon are kept out of the atmosphere, and 1 lb of hazardous materials is diverted from landfills.

LMS with NCS

A reliable inventory of functional and efficient IT equipment is the first step to achieving your operational goals. If you are interested in expert lifecycle management services, we always seek new customers to serve. Contact us today for more information or a quote for our services.

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