By NCS Global

Here at NCS Global, our continued success is thanks to our hardworking team members, each one bringing a unique skill set to our workplace. Without each person, our work for clients across the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 technology companies to multi-national healthcare organizations, wouldn’t be possible.

On this special day, we’re excited to celebrate one of our own, Martin Estes, and his 10th anniversary with our company.

An Important Part of Our OOW Program

Martin, or Marty as many of us call him, plays an important role in our out-of-warranty (OOW) program and helps our clients achieve incredible savings in their IT-related costs, reduce their environmental impact, and extend the useful life of their IT assets. At every step along the way, Marty ensures optimal efficiency, data security, industry compliance, and environmental stewardship, resulting in a program that delivers multi-faceted value directly to our client’s bottom line. In addition to helping our clients save money and time, he helps them feel confident and proud in their positive contributions to our planet and its inhabitants.

Marty’s Team Members Reflect on Their Time With Him

As well as delivering incredible value to our clients through consistent hard work and dedication, Marty also improves the lives of everyone he works with. On a daily basis, he exemplifies our standard of excellence and helps everyone around him accomplish bigger, better things. He’s spent a decade with our organization and along the way, he’s nurtured our talent and helped each individual develop into the best versions of themselves through careful guidance and friendly encouragement. “He has the patience of a saint and teaches me something new every day,” says Kate Warner.

If anyone ever needs a pick-me-up, chatting with Marty will be sure to give them the boost they need to continue on with their day. He’s kind, personable, and makes everyone feel like a priority. “His friendly and humorous attitude makes him enjoyable to work with. Marty is NCS’s go-to guy,” says Lori Cutter. “He’s an incredibly nice guy. He’s easy to work with and to get along with,” says Dakota Brownlee. We’re lucky to have Marty on our team and feel very fortunate to spend time with him on a daily basis.

Cheers to Many More Years

We’d like to thank Marty for his contributions to our company and his continued support of all of our employees. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to help our clients accomplish their goals, no matter how ambitious. We’re looking forward to many more years with him on our team!

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