IT asset recovery is an effective way to upgrade your current technological assets without purchasing all new equipment. NCS Global can also help you recoup the money spent on old assets, differentiating us from other vendors.

Let’s discuss NCS Global’s asset recovery services and how they can benefit your business and the climate.

Asset Recovery

Our asset recovery services at NCS Global will analyze every piece of your equipment and provide you with a detailed report of the unrealized value. We compile a summary that states the exact specifications and the current functionality of each asset to return the maximum value to your business. We will service any asset from basic office equipment to complex data servers and everything in the middle. 

The Process

After partnering with NCS with a dedicated service representative who will manage your project from start to finish, you will have a direct line to the NCS Global CEO if you have questions along the way.

We have implemented many safeguards to ensure the safety of your assets throughout the delivery process. After scheduling a pickup time, we transport your assets in locked, securely-sealed trucks. We offer real-time asset tracking using GPS tracking and geofencing for your convenience.

After receiving your equipment, we begin auditing, where we value efficiency, transparency, honesty, and integrity. Assets are individually audited while we capture general information and precisely document our findings. An electronic record of each client asset is made available at settlement.

Then, we move into the testing stage, where we help uncover the unrealized value of your assets by determining the monetary recovery value for each item. Our summaries are detailed and offer impeccable asset value classification.

Once it becomes time to dispose of unwanted data assets, we initiate our proprietary data erasure process, EcoErase™. This software tests and fingerprints each drive with sanitation verification, date, and time stamp confirmations. EcoErase™ was developed by NCS Global and certified by DOD and NIST.

What Are the Benefits?

From an environmental perspective, IT asset recovery reduces the amount of e-waste in landfills and prevents hazardous materials from harming public health. Recycling or reselling these assets will decrease the need to mine more materials and reduce atmospheric emissions from manufacturing new products.

Asset recovery can benefit you and your business by restoring financial value you never knew you had. Instead of giving up on your outdated technology, our services will return money back into the flow of your business. Partnering with NCS Global will also give you peace of mind knowing your sensitive data is secure throughout the process. If you want a quote for our asset recovery services, contact one of our team members today.

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