Consistent innovation and steady improvement are core values at NCS Global. A culture of continuous improvement allows our employees to develop their skills and our company to serve our clients efficiently. As our company grows and takes on new challenges, NCS Global is committed to finding new and efficient ways to meet project demands. 

In most spaces, businesses haven’t even heard of the practices that form our foundation – asset recovery and computer technology recycling with a “zero-landfill” commitment. NCS Global’s innovative services decrease technological waste and preserve our customers’ resources. 

Asset Recovery 

Our secure asset recovery services provide companies with safe, environmentally responsible methods to dispose of their assets. Our asset recovery partnership begins by connecting you with a dedicated customer service representative. Assets are shipped in secure trucks with real-time GPS asset tracking. After the assets arrive safely, we perform a complete audit and provide you with a comprehensive summary of our findings. All data is recorded and delivered to your company, and then we use our innovative software to wipe the asset. Once we record the e-waste and our software has verified sanitation, NCS Global partners with recycling partners to dispose of each asset responsibly. 

We provide every client with certificates of data destruction and transparent portals, so they can feel confident that their assets and data are processed correctly. NCS Global prides itself on delivering reliable and trustworthy solutions. We strive to continue developing our methods to provide the best possible service to our clients consistently. 

Data Destruction & EcoErase

Our data destruction services guarantee that your valuable data stays secure. At NCS Global, our data destruction process combines digital and physical destruction to dispose of your data thoroughly. Our proprietary EcoErase software wipes your drives and automates erasure and testing. After digital erasure, we continue the data destruction process with degaussing. The high-energy magnetic exposure during the degaussing process removes all data from the drive. We finish securely disposing of your data by placing hard drives in a high-pressure shredder to destroy the asset physically. 

We are committed to providing specialized options that best suit your data sanitation needs. NCS Global offers flexible and scalable procedures, and we are consistently innovating the data destruction process to respond to all our clients’ needs. 

Reverse Logistics Services 

Our reverse logistics services allow you to maximize the value of your aging assets. Through our lifecycle management processes, we find the points that can unlock the unrealized potential in your aging assets. As our team identifies the work needed to restore the asset to functionality, you have the opportunity to replenish your inventory with a restored product. Additional options include re-selling the asset to third-party buyers, responsibly recycling the product, or using a relevant manufacturer’s warranty. 

At NCS Global, we strive to maximize the value captured in your IT devices. No matter which option you choose, our team is committed to supporting your company, increasing the life of your assets, and generating cost savings. NCS Global is committed to responsible and reliable care for asset recovery and IT recycling services. If you are interested in our services, contact our representatives today.

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