what we do

When you partner with NCS Global Services we help you capture the unrealized value of your used, old, or obsolete computer and electronic equipment.  Our professionals hold top-tier industry and environmental certifications; guaranteeing a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible end-of-life process that adds real dollars back to your bottom line.

We thoroughly evaluate, test and refurbish all usable computer and electronic equipment and guarantee that all personal or corporate data on your equipment is securely removed.

We meticulously dismantle unusable parts so as not to miss any possible recycling opportunity, and ultimately dispose of e-waste in an environmentally responsible way.

We’re also proud to provide computer parts and peripherals to customers across the globe. With over 50,000 quality tested parts in stock, we almost always have the exact part you need. All parts are original equipment, packaged and shipped directly from us, and most arrive with a 30-90 day guarantee.

At NCS Global we are dedicated to providing you with ethical and responsible business solutions, specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs.