data destruction services

If you are responsible for your company’s data security, you know that security is more than just a watchword – it’s your peace of mind. At NCS Global, your concerns about effective, compliant and secure data destruction are our concerns, too.

Since 1994, we have continually honed our data destruction processes, and have been recognized as an innovator in the data destruction industry. Our clients have some of the strictest data security requirements on the planet – we provide data destruction for some of the world’s leading computer manufacturers and IT companies, Fortune 500 companies, banks and financial services firms, several major hospitals, large police departments, and others whose business and reputation depend upon the utmost in data security.

Our suite of data destruction services includes:


  • Data Overwrite:  NCS Global’s proprietary EcoErase® sanitation software performs a 3X (DoD standard), 5X or 7X data wipe
  • EcoErase® has been certified by ADISA for both magnetic (traditional) HDD and solid state drives (SSD)
  • Tests drive worthiness and captures configuration
  • Fingerprints each drive with sanitation verification date/time stamp confirmation


  • Completely removes all data through high energy magnetic exposure
  • May be applied to high-coercivity tape such as DLT, SDLT, 3480’s, AIT and more
  • Renders media useless


  • Shreds 80 to 100 drives per hour
  • Mobile, 1.5 HP, quiet, self-contained
  • Shreds hard drives, CD/DVDs, FDDs, tapes and phones

NCS Global’s data destruction services meet or exceed HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Department of Defense 5220.22-M, and NIST 800-88 data security and destruction standards. Our data destruction technicians operate in fully secure facilities and we maintain very strict hiring guidelines. NCS Global carries $10M of environmental and $5M of data security and E&O insurance.

All procedures can be performed either at a customer’s location or at one of our facilities, with a guaranteed secure chain of custody. End-of-life product is recycled in a responsible, fully-compliant manner; certificates of destruction and disposal, complete serialized reporting and video documentation of data destruction is available for all processed lots.