asset recovery

NCS Global Services LLC helps you capture the unrealized value of your obsolete equipment.  Our top-tier industry and environmental certifications guarantee a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible end of life process that adds real dollars back to your bottom line.   Receipt, Audit, and Testing are the first stages of this comprehensive process.


When you first contact NCS Global, our specialist speaks with you to determine your e-waste needs, the condition and configuration of your equipment, and the most convenient transportation or shipping logistics for you.

General shipping guidelines:

1-25 electronic assets

We provide our customers with shipping labels for boxes of not more than 20″x20″x20″ and weighing not more than 50 pounds for pick-up or drop-off services. If packages do not meet these size and weight requirements, additional rates may apply.

25 or more electronic assets

We customize a shipping solution for you or your company.


We pride ourselves on the efficiency, transparency, integrity, and honesty with which we operate our business and that is highlighted during the audit stage.  Here, our efficient technology-savvy team captures general information about each asset and meticulously documents their findings.  We create a receipt report documenting the entire lot of assets to be recovered.


The testing process is where NCS Global helps you capture the unrealized value of your old or obsolete equipment.  Our team tests each electronic item and captures the specifications and functionality of the individual piece. Using these specifications, we’re able to determine the monetary recovery value for each item, which we return to you.

Data Sanitation

Our data erasure process overwrites and erases software using a proprietary overwrite software system developed by NCS Global’s experts.  We remove all customer identifiers and asset tags, then test and fingerprint each drive with sanitation verification date and time stamp confirmations. We have the ability to degauss and shred drives.  Our data destruction services can be provided at the client location and our location.


Assets determined to be obsolete, damaged or beyond repair are disposed of in an environmentally safe and responsible way.  We do a monthly mass balancing with end to end tracking of all disposed of assets. Our commitment to the environment is unparalleled in our industry.


The results of the audit and test phase enable us to provide you with a report detailing the findings for each item that you submitted to us.  Additionally, you receive a Certificate of Disposal outlining all of the assets that have been safely and responsibly disposed of.   Finally, within 30 days of initial receipt of the assets, you receive payment for any material found to have value. Should there be any discrepancies with the original quote, we notify you in writing, describing any difference in condition or functionality prior to settlement finalization.

NCS Global is one of just a few companies worldwide to earn both the Basel Action Network’s stringent and prestigious e-Stewards® Certification and R2/RIOS Certified Electronics Recycler™ status.  Our commitment to the well-being of our employees, our clients, and our planet show through in all that we do.

Environmental Responsibility

NCS Global guarantees that all toxic components of e-waste are identified and disposed of responsibly. We ensure e-waste is never dumped in landfills or disposed of irresponsibly. We track all toxic materials from e-waste through final disposition.